Category 1) SOLO dance performances

Junior — Ages 5-11
Teen — Ages 12-14
Senior — Ages 15-19
Adult — Age 20+

Category 2) DUET dance performances

Junior — Ages 5-11
Teen — Ages 12-14
Senior — Ages 15-19
Adult — Age 20+

Category 3) GROUP dance performances

No age restrictions but each group must have minimum 6 members. Each group will be considered as an individual group without any age discrimination.
*Each routine should be less than 4min 30sec. The routine must consist of ballet technique, classical steps and movements.


All entries must read the instructions before applying. Phone, e-mail entries are accepted. Entries are not guaranteed until received with full payment. Online entries must be submitted and paid in full no less than 28 days before the competition date. Paper entries must be received at Smriti Dance Company office paid in full no less than 28 days before the competition date. A Master Contestant List with names and birth dates of all contestants must accompany paper entries to be accepted. Paper entries received after the 28 days reception deadline MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.

*Absolutely no cash refunds. A $10 late fee per entry will be assessed for entries and/or monies received after the 28 days reception deadline.

Release Forms: Each contestant electronically signs the online Australia’s Dancing Star (Season – 1) the signed paper Australia’s Dancing Star (Season – 1) Release Form must be received at the Smriti Dance Company office with all completed paper entry forms by the
deadline date.


Australia’s Dancing Star will accept all dance routine music on a good quality individual CD (or USB). Each individual CD/USB must be properly labelled with the name of routine and entry number. IPods and MP3 players are not accepted. You must submit your music routine to the Sound Engineer no later than 1/2 hour before the beginning of that day’s competition. (Be sure to have a CD/USB available as a back-up for each of your routine.)


Outstanding Costume: All Australia’s Dancing Star Season- 1 entries are automatically eligible for Outstanding Costume Awards at no additional cost.

Choreography Awards: All Australia’s Dancing Star Season- 1 entries are automatically eligible for Outstanding Costume Awards at no additional cost.


Contestants give their permission to the director of Australia’s Dancing Star (Season 1) to use their photographs and/or videos in connection with advertising, TV, website and news coverage of our competitions. Neither Australia’s Dancing Star (Season – 1), its directors and staff, nor the hosting facility is responsible for personal injury or property loss to contestants or spectators. The Australia’s Dancing Star (Season 1) time schedule and competition update will be available online to all contestants no less than one week before competition date. An Australia’s Dancing Star (Season – 1) contestants parcel including custom CD labels, entry confirmation list, parent time sheet, and additional information will be mailed no less than one/two week before the competition date. (Schedules may vary from location to location depending on the number of routines that are registered.)

Safety Measures:

2 wireless hand-held microphones w/stands are available at each competition. Special (lavaliere type) microphones or sound equipment may not be hooked up without prior Australia’s Dancing Star (Season – 1) approval. No form of liquid, gel, aerosol, glitter may be used that can adversely affect the dancing surface. Dangerous props such as fire, swords, and knives are prohibited. Backdrops, hanging pieces or special lights are also prohibited.

The choreography that allows any dancer to be physically placed more than 6 feet off the ground of any scenic piece or prop is not allowed without prior Australia’s Dancing Star (Season – 1) approval.

Failure to follow these safety measures may result in the routine being “adjudicated only”. Props need to be set up and taken down within 2 minutes. Good sportsmanship is expected from all contestants and teachers. Failure to display such conduct may result in the routine being “adjudicated only”.


A panel of highly qualified, competent judges will judge all performances. All contestants, teachers, and parents agree that the method of judging shall be solely within the discretion of the directors of Australia’s Dancing Star (Season 1) and that all decisions of the judges are final. Contestants will be adjudicated against a point system. In this way, the contestants receive a more accurate evaluation of their performance. With this scoring system, Gold, Silver & Bronze medal will be presented within each age division for each dance category of competition. Studio Directors may pick up their Score Sheet Summaries at the end of competition day. Australia’s Dancing Star (Season 1) additionally provides verbal critiques or scores after each routine from all our judges.



Gold, Silver & Bronze medal will be awarded as first, Second and Third prize to each age division and dance categories respectively. 

Australia’s Dancing Star (Season 1) Title: 

Australia’s Dancing Star (Season 1) title will be awarded to the highest scorer as a winner among all performances (age divisions as well) and dance categories.

Winner Prize –
            ● $1500 cash
            ● Trophy
Australia’s Dancing Star (Season 1) runner-up title will be awarded to the second highest
scorer among all performances (age divisions as well) and dance categories.

Runner-up Prize –
             ● $500 cash
             ● Trophy


SOLO dance contestant – $80/contestant
DUET dance contestants – $80/duet
GROUP dance contestants – $150/group

*Registration fees includes
     Participation certificate to each contestant
     Goody bag to each contestant
     HD photos & videos to each contestant